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Home Furnishings Worth Repeating

Here's my conundrum: I'm a cabin owner looking for a charming statement piece to set the tone for my decor; I'm a second home owner looking for a few chairs that are both high quality AND affordable; and, I'm a condo owner looking for a perfectly practical chest to solve my small space storage puzzle. I want unusual furniture that will look great, hold up to five raucous grandkids ... and I'm broke after buying all this property.

Just kidding ... I don't really have all those awful problems. But if I did ... well ... aren't I the lucky one?!

I DO own one terrific, second hand furniture shop where I can solve lots of home furnishing needs in one quick stop! I sell "furniture worth repeating". For one of a kind upholstered pieces, I collaborate with Great Falls Upholstery to breath new life into a boneyard of solid good frames worth repeating. I partner with consigners to bring in only their best kept pieces worth repeating. I work with artists who repurposed old scraps worth repeating into lively creations . All this is on display in a clean boutique-like setting with easy, free parking!